First Location: Lucca, Italy

This town is surrounded by a wall, it’s not the biggest or the most popular but it is definitely a good stop.

While we were there we rented bikes because it was the easiest way to explore the little town and also the fastest. The interesting thing is that the bike path somewhat overlooks the town and is on the actual wall that goes around the city, so while your riding your bike you can see over the rooftops and see things from above. Throughout the town, there are little squares where there are restaurants and shops, all local places. Along the bike path you can stop and look at whatever you like and get off the path and just ride through the town. Very limited cars are in the city because its mostly pedestrian area or people ride bikes.

Lucca is a town that has a lot of charm and a lot of little things you wouldn’t expect and is a good town to visit. It seemed like a very quite, calm and beautiful place to spend the day.




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