San Gimignano, Italy

This town is a must see if you’re in the Tuscany area. Its actually a pretty big town, but it doesn’t feel like it at all. Its very quiet, calm, beautiful, historical and more. The town itself is on top of a hill and around the town is a wall. The nice thing is that there are no cars allowed in side the area with the wall around it which is probably which its so calm.

Right as you walk in there’s all sorts of shops, gelato shops, cafe’s, art galleries and more. My mom always stops to buy dish towels, they are beautiful, some I think are hand made and very good quality, so if you need some go to San Gimignano. I think the area where you walk in is the most touristy part, but if you keep walking back and go on the side streets, its more quiet with more residential buildings. There is at least two big squares, that you can sit around at or sometimes in one they have sort of a farmers market.


There’s not much sightseeing to do but it’s a good town to just walk through and explore and to stop at the little shops along the way. If you go to the edge of the wall around the town, it has a spectacular view from the top of the hill. Throughout the day there are a lot of tourists visiting the city but once it gets later, people start to leave and it’s very nice not to be in a crowd or have to wait for a table for dinner.

This town is a town that everyone should visit, not because of the sightseeing, but to see what a small town in Italy is like, and how the residents live. I’ve been there a couple times and each time I think I like it even more than the last.




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