Venice, Italy

Where to begin with Venice, it’s one of those must see cities. From what I’ve heard in 5-10 years it will be underwater so if you haven’t been, go soon rather than later!

I’ve actually been to Venice a couple times and what’s nice is that you can go multiple times and see new things every time. I feel like you could go there for a week and still have things to see. To get to the city you either have to take a train or a bus then you walk over a big bridge to get to the main part of the island because they don’t have or allow any cars there. Venice is surrounded by water and has canals throughout. You wont go very far before coming to a bridge or something like that to go over the canals. They offer gondola rides which goes in the canals, and in my opinion could be very romantic.

It is also very touristy, any time you go there you will more than likely see at least 10 huge tour groups in the town. But you also get very local, very independent businesses, food and people. That’s what I like most about the town is that you can go down one street and tons of people will be there but you can go a couple streets over and be the only ones there and find the coolest places. The last time my family and I were there we found a salon but instead of people doing pedicures, they had those fish that would eat the dead skin off of your feet. 

You can find some very interesting places but there are the very touristy areas which are also pretty spectacular. Some very popular landmarks to visit are; the Grand Canal, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, and much more.

In Venice, go off the beaten path, go to the smallest streets and just explore you might find some hidden gems along the way. You won’t be disappointed so check out the beautiful city while you can!



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