If You Could Go Anywhere in Europe, Where Would You Go?

If I was asked to answer this question, I would probably say either Sweden or England. I think I’ve always be fascinated about Sweden in general, my ancestors are from there so I always thought it would be nice to go there someday. And that some day will happen, this summer I am going to the south part of Sweden and I could not be more excited. I am currently planning some places to go and stay so if anyone has any suggestions, just comment below, they are greatly appreciated!

The other place I would want to go is England. I have already been to London once to visit family, but I was so young I don’t really remember it. Over the years I have read the Harry Potter series multiple times, and because of that I want to just go to London again and all the places that the movie took place at. Some of those places are in Scotland so that would also be a good place to go as well if I ever went back to England.

Would love to hear where some of you would want to go! It’s interesting to see because everyone wants to do different things and have different passions. Maybe I could use some of your ideas to plan my next trip! 🙂



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