Top 7 Cities to Visit in Italy

  1. Rome – the Lizzie McGuire Movie explains it all, the sightseeing, the romance, the food, this city will give you everything you are looking for.IMG_4567
  2. Venice – in my previous blog post (Venice, Italy) I shared what I liked most, it’s a popular city but has many hidden gems, many sights to see, and streets to explore.IMG_2266.JPG
  3. San Gimignano – as mentioned in my previous blog posts (check the San Gimignano, Italy post) I think this town is a little treasure and has to be visited. DCIM100GOPRO
  4. Florence – this city if full of history, countless churches, statues, and just interesting things to see. There is also the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge that has various shops, it’s a must do.IMG_0065.JPG
  5. Pisa – home to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, definitely a place that needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. IMG_4039
  6. Cinque Terre – a series of cities along the beautiful coast, just to be able to drive along the coast is breath-taking. If you stay and go to a restaurant that has a view, they will charge a view charge so be careful. This is still a great place that everyone should go to. IMG_4030.JPG
  7. Pompeii – Probably one of the coolest places you ever go to, Mount Vesuvius destroyed this city in 79 AD and by some miracle, is still standing for people to visit. The ruins of this city and artifacts found is astonishing to see what the volcano did to the city and to see how people lived at that time. A truly amazing place to visit and walk around. 36999_1370071618100_6588769_n

Comment if you agree/disagree or think I left one out or have any suggestions!



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